Brief of my defense case regarding apartment manager's county civil lawsuit

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This is a brief display of my defense case regarding my apartment manager's county civil lawsuit in July, 2015. It began as an outline of my discrimination complaint against the HUD representatives that handle my 'Section 8' housing assistance. I was sent a rent increase demand letter directly to me after the lease term had already begun. The housing program insists on at least a six-month leasing term. The letter had a different name other than the one on my lease agreement and the $120 increase would have priced me out of the unit - over my allotted limit with the voucher. The arbitrary increase was intimidating to me and I'm sure was meant to be and I reported as such to the HUD representatives. They sent me an 'Interim Reexamination' notice with an adjusted rent portion amount for me. It also included an offer to meet them for an informal hearing at their office which happens to share the same office space as the mental health center which where they were formally employed; and the proximty and the records they can hold against/over me negated any possible way I could get out of them a crucial admittance of impropriety on their part.

The following month I paid the former amount to show where I stood. In my interim the city held its *annual housing inspection of rental properties during which time the management actually had the boiler heat system shutdown for the benefit of the upper level units while my gardern-level unit (which location also is shaded on the south) wouldn't rise above 65 F°. (This was usual, but I never knew before I earnestly researched it that their actions violated C.R.S. 38-12-505d since the system was rendered into an unworking condition.) I distictly recall calling the HUD representative that usually does thier annual inspections that the heat was shut down and she replied that they couldn't get involved in disputes. I asked her she could resubmit thier report to the state that at the time it couldn't pass their usual inspection. I'm suspecting that was never done.


There is (circumstantial) evidence in a Facebook post to prove the manager committed perjury (a nieghbor's comments):

The plain text of the comments. (One person is anonymous.)

The plain text of the letter (with the mental health center's letterhead).
From what the booklet said in a "plain language" statement (image beneath) this isn't true.

The plain text of the page 77 from HUD Section 8 voucher orientation booklet.
(I inserted the text of the historical quote at the bottom of page.)

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Other Details

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*I have a video of the inspectors where I talked to them outside informing them that the heat was shut down at that time. The inspectors defended the management with an impromptu excuse.

I also have scans of the documents in a brief graphical display to help for my original discrimination complaint against the HUD representatives that I sent into the U.S. Dept of Housing & Urban Developement in May. The most relevant are also listed here:

*Here is a copy of the review request I've submitted.
In plain text format. Exact place/names removed. - (paragraphs may not line break in a web browser)

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