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I can give brief explanation of the reason behind this video. It has to do with the phenomenon of the region regarding the natural solar thermal energy that we get from being a mile above sea level. The upper units of the apartment buildings would begin to heat up to an uncomfortable level during warm trends in wintertime. It was baseboard heat from central boiler(s) and the heating system would stay charged (warm) even though it was nice out so they would shut down the boiler (in my building) "seasonally" during summer months ... sounds reasonable so far ... but the problem was that there was nepotism going on too and other tenants had control of the system and would shut it down more often than just seasonally, they would shut it down whenever it was nice out for a few days.

Oh well, big deal, right? I am being petty and weak ... oh how embarrassing. For the most part I didn't mind much even though there would be days where my garden level apt wouldn't get above 65° F ... I had a space heater, but like one of the elderly (white) women that lived in another garden level apt (who passed away a few months prior) told the landlord one day that the floor would stay cold even with a space heater. The landlord bought her a space heater prior to that because of the practice. One day she was outside asking him when they were going to turn the heat back on, he replied to her that they gave her the space heater & she said "but the floor stays cold". It would get annoying for a human body. There is a stipulation in law that requires that a tenant have control of the heat and the heat stay in working order. When the entire boiler was shut down then the heat would not be in working order and I explained that to the judge in court ... I have the transcripts!

One of the things that could happen that got difficult for me is that if they wouldn't turn the boiler system back on in time before we got hit with a cold front in wintertime the building's masonry would lose its collected thermal heat energy (we would have a day of overcast cloud cover ahead of a cold front) and the temperature in my apt would plummet and stay that way sometimes overnight until they turned the heat on. That didn't happen too often but then the other problem would arise where the fluid in the baseboard heat system would condense so air pockets would form and rise to the upper level piping and the upper units would not heat back up. There was a manifold for four units that was accesible through the closet in my apt's bedroom and they'd have to enter my place to bleed the lines.

The point is was that I understood all of it and gave them latitude but I also knew that there was probably something that could have been done to solve the issue ... updating the heating system controls, maybe, but would require a sizable investment that the landlord was avoiding. I let all of it go until he gave me a rent increase letter two months after my lease renewed so I took him to court and he perjured himself. A wealthy real estate broker (his day job) with a firm downtown sat there in a county civil court and lied (twice) in a case against a disabled person over a few hundred dollars.

Oh ... the city inspection & my description of "cultural intimidation" regarding the event is because the inspectors were supposed to ensure that the owner/landlord of a multi-dwelling structure was in compliance with the law and city codes. The heat being shut down at the boiler was in violation of law but they instead immediately defended the landlord. I figured that they would and was why I refused their entry. I wasn't about to have those women ridicule me in my own place while they defended a man who had a habit of abusing the elderly. Apparently that is just too easy for landlords to do so they have an outlaw network now like the cho-mo's do.